Teen Yoga

Question: Why would I ?

Yoga practice helps children and teens in several ways:

  • Improve fitness and physical health
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve optimism.
  • Improve focus and school performance
  • Improve self-esteem and body image
  • Encourage creativity
  • Develop discipline and self-regulation


Yoga is like music, it relaxes your mind and body. It strengthens the muscles while building flexibility. The practice of yoga poses in the early teenage years is much more beneficial than the standard gym workouts. Today, around 1.7 million children and teens practice yoga and many schools have also given it a priority as yoga and meditation both are vital in the overall child development. Whether it is related to the mind or body, the overall development always starts from within. Yoga gives a direction to life and maintains a balance between the hectic schedule and a healthy lifestyle.

Builds and Enhances Physical Health

The distinct yoga poses help children in improving coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. Practicing yoga poses daily also helps teens to build a strong connection to body awareness and movement. Certain yoga poses also help in detoxifying the body and improve the immune system as well, which eventually helps children to stay away from diseases.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety 

High school can be really stressing for children sometimes, especially due to the exam pressure and personal challenges. Yoga aids in maintaining a calm nature, so that children don’t panic in stressful situations, rather they deal with them in a peaceful and thoughtful manner.

Improves Sleep Quality 

Yoga not only reduces stress and increases flexibility, but also aids in good sleep. Some yoga poses performed before bedtime helps prepares your body for quality sleep.

Improves Concentration

Apart from all other amazing health benefits of yoga, the biggest one is that it shapes our internal brain functioning in the right way. The breathing exercises in various yoga poses aids in improving concentration to a great extent. According to a recent study, it is a proved fact that practicing yoga daily for 20 minutes enhances the functioning of the brain and helps children focus better on various tasks.

Builds Emotional Strength

Nowadays teenagers have to go through a lot of challenges related to academics or other life situations. Yoga aids teens to have a better understanding of their emotions as it’s crucial to deal with them in a peaceful way to avoid any serious damage to their mind and body. Emotional intelligence is a powerful thing that needs to be learned at an early age to combat teenage challenges. Besides connecting the children with their emotions, yoga also develops self-love, self-care and self-acceptance.

Develops Discipline

Discipline is really important to achieve anything in life. It is found that practicing yoga daily increases patience, reduces impulsivity and improves the capability to maintain attention. All these things play a fundamental role in leading a disciplined life.

Final Words

Yoga is not limited to strengthening our body and balancing our emotions, but it also offers many other benefits. It is beneficial for them to gain an understanding and experience the benefits of yoga as it will greatly benefit them in various aspects of their lives.