“Move your body, calm your mind,

smile & be happy!”


My Mission

My mission is to work with you to help offer you peace and harmony from the stresses of todays modern world where we can work to help restore the balance of mind, body and spirit.  This balance is often lost due to the varied problems of every day life and work-related stress, or other ailments, lifestyle factors, situations and injuries.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga teaches us to listen to our bodies and to calm our busy minds.  With regular practice we are able to achieve a sense of balance, calm and internal peace aswell as strength, flexibility and balance.

Yoga practice is very beneficial in helping to release tension, anxiety and stress which if allowed to progress can create ill health.  Many of us due to certain difficult situations in life manifest negative emotions (such as grief, anger, fear, tension, anxiety, stress etc) that can result in physical imbalance and generate ill health. Yoga helps ease back ache, digestive issues and many other ailments. By working with yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation, regular yoga practise can help stimulate healing of the mind, body and spirit. 

We dont have to be young, fit and healthy to practise Yoga, it is possible at any age and any level of fitness. We find a way for yoga to work with us and can start with yoga for beginners, one to one yoga therapy, intermediate classes or advanced.   

“Yoga is a process of becoming more in tune with ourselves, facilitating flexibility and health, unfolding our dormant potential and allowing us to become more aware of ourselves, revealing the beauty that lies within us, as such yoga is a process of self discovery.”

Sadly I am moving and hope to find a teacher who is close to being as lovely and well trained as Jo. She has an intelligent approach to yoga, with a lovely smile and welcoming nature. She demonstrates each pose and ensures you are in the correct position and within your limits. I joined her class with a painful lower pack and she took the time to give me through instructions on how to stretch without straining and what not to attempt. She gave me homework to continue building up my supporting muscles and increase flexibility at home. I shall miss my classes with her.

Patsy Anderson

I´ve been doing yoga with Jo for a few months and enjoyed it very much. She is a great coach, professional, motivating and caring. From basic poses to more advanced, she has challenged me  every step of the way.

Kozeta Smith 

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