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Welcome To Samudra Yoga

Move your body, calm your mind, be happy!
My mission is to work with you to help offer you peace and harmony from the stresses of todays modern world where we can work to help restore the balance of mind, body and spirit. This balance is often lost due to the varied problems of every day life and work-related stress, or other ailments, lifestyle factors, situations and injuries.

Yoga Plans

Yoga class in studio
Hatha Yoga classes in studio
8/per class
Private Therapy Yoga
In the comfort of the studio or your home
30/per class
Group classes
Every Wednesday 10.30am (UK) 11.30am (Spain)
6/per class
Individual Classes
1 to 1 classes - Please enquire for bookings
28/per class

Yoga Classes
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the classic form of Yoga using breathing exercises (Pranayama), postures (Asanas) & relaxation to achieve balance.
Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is becoming recognised as a powerful tool that is used to help treat many issues from anxiety to physical health issues.
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Classes
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Classes

Yin Yoga is a deeply meditative, slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine.
Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga
Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga

Yoga classes are available for teenagers to share a wonderful tool that aims to help support them on many levels through a challenging time in life.


What People Say

I’ve practised yoga all my life and it’s been a friend/home/sanctuary in times of trouble for me as well as being great for physical well-being.

Jo combines a great physical practice for all levels with meditative/breathing/relaxation practice too.  It doesn’t matter if you have never practised yoga before, Jo is very attentive to the individual’s needs and will guide you through.

Thank you so much Jo for your Zoom classes during lockdown in Spring 2020 which helped so much during a difficult time…


It’s true what they say – yoga really is good for body and mind. And in my case, it comes with an added benefit.

I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for a number of years and have always suffered with balance and coordination problems. However, since starting yoga with Jo, both have improved considerably, as has my core strength – even my MS consultant has noticed a difference!

Jo always takes great care to ensure that anyone with a medical condition or injury is looked after in class, tweaking postures and moves to suit. So really, everyone can join in and feel the benefit.

And what’s more, we both really enjoy it and look forward to classes!


I have been to yoga classes with Jo and I’ve also  been doing the zoom classes online during to the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The classes are very well organised and Jo is a brilliant yoga teacher. Her knowledge is very extensive and she explains each move  with ease, therefore the zoom classes are simple to follow. I’ve really looked forward to continuing my yoga practice as it has really helped with my fibromyalgia and has been calming for the mind as things have been difficult for many people in recent times. I highly recommend joining the classes and thank Jo for her time adjusting the classes so yoga has  been able to continue.


 Sadly I am moving and hope to find a teacher who is close to being as lovely and well trained as Jo. She has an intelligent approach to yoga, with a lovely smile and welcoming nature. She demonstrates each pose and ensures you are in the correct position and within your limits. I joined her class with a painful lower pack and she took the time to give me thorough instructions on how to stretch without straining and what not to attempt. She gave me homework to continue building up my supporting muscles and increase flexibility at home. I shall miss my classes with her.

Patsy Anderson

You will find Jo´s teaching very gentle, calming and inspiring and you come away very relaxed.  It doesn’t matter whether you have never tried yoga or have been practicing for a long time Jo teaches at the level that suits you.

Peter Bowland

Jo is a friendly and welcoming teacher, being patient and understanding to your personal needs.

Fiona Haveron

I´ve been doing yoga with Jo for a few months and enjoyed it very much. She is a great coach, professional, motivating and caring. From basic poses to more advanced, she has challenged me  every step of the way.

Kozeta Smith

Lovely yoga class suitable for all levels. I’m a beginner but i find that this class really helps my lower back pain after a long day at work. ????

Michelle Harris

The best class I have ever been to! Jo is brilliant. Just the yoga teaching I was looking for. I highly recommend her teaching. Excellent.

Sue Frew

Having opened our studio again for classes under the Covid 19 pandemic we have ensured that precautionary and hygienic measures have been put into place for all of our clients during the unprecedented times that we are all experiencing.
– There will be minimum 1.5 metres distancing between each mat and a maximum of 6 people in each class. Due to this please note studio class bookings are essential.  I will be adding more classes if there is more demand.
– We ask all clients to bring with them or purchase their own yoga mats for their own hygiene
– We ask all clients to use hand sanitiser on entering the yoga studio
– Please be reassured that the Yoga Studio is cleaned after each class.  The studio is well ventilated throughout each class with windows and doors open during every class.
– If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask please feel welcome to do so.  It is not obligatory as long as there is a minimum of 1.5m between each person
– Please ensure that if you have had any contact with anyone with Covid 19 in the past 14 days, or feel slightly unwell please advise me and for the health and safety of everyone please do not attend class and stay home until advised otherwise.  If you have travelled in the past 7 days please advise me also.
– We ask all of our clients to please act responsibly and consciously during these times and we should all stay safe and happy and able to continue with our Yoga!
Thank you